Why Study in Canada?

Canada is well-known for quality education and a worldwide recognized degree. There are a lot of colleges and universities around the globe, however, if you would like to study, work and settle in abroad, Canada is the best option. Getting PR after study is easier in Canada compared to any other countries like the US, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

Canada is a great country to grow and blossom as a student. Every year more than a half million of international students are welcomed in Canada. Popular Consultancy and its other branches across world help 1000 students to study in Canada . Therefore Popular Consultancy is established as best consultancy for study in Canada in Nepal.

At college, your days will be filled with career-focused learning in a very practical way whereas at university your you will be taking lectures, labs, tutorials, and workshops that enable you to prepare for your future career. You will be busy doing original research or fieldwork for your final research project, thesis, or dissertation.

Whether in college or university you will be connected with friends and colleagues who will remain valuable assets throughout your life. You will be relishing a fun and active social life – whether it’s meeting friends for a coffee or going out to pubs and clubs, experiencing the city outside of school hours, or traveling around Canada, or doing part-time jobs during summer vacation.

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