Scholarship for Nepalese Students for Bachelor Program

We know the expenses of overseas education for Nepalese Students, and it would be fair to say it is quite expensive. So to reduce your overall expenses on education, a scholarship helps you a lot. Unfortunately, most people willing to study abroad have this common misconception about scholarships; they think there are no scholarship opportunities for international students. However, this is incorrect; as we can see, there are various scholarship programs designed by universities to attract international students.

This article guides you to discover different scholarship programs and apply to your desired university. Furthermore, I will help you explore several scholarships provided by different universities from countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and many more.

First, you must fulfil every requirement the government and university set to get a scholarship. The Scholarship is mainly provided to academically strong students with huge test preparation scores.

scholarship for bachelor level

List of Scholarships for Bachelor

Scholarships in the UK for Nepalese Students

Many universities in the UK are providing a variety of scholarships for Nepalese Students. Chevening is the most popular government scholarship program available to international students in the UK. The individual can also apply for a scholarship or fellowship with the help of Chevening; the high commission and British embassies do the selection.

Some of the universities that are providing scholarships in the UK are

  • University Of Surrey
  • University Of Sussex
  • University Of East Anglia
  • University Of East London
  • University Of Leicester
  • University Of Brighton
  • Aston University
  • The University Of Dundee and many more
Scholarship for Nepalese students

Scholarships in Australia for Nepalese Students

Every year thousands of Nepalese Students fly to Australia to study for their bachelor’s. The Australian government has set up a large scholarship program for international students and invests some 200 million dollars annually in university programs. In addition, some scholarships are provided by the Department of  Education, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT). These help Nepalese Students focus on their education rather than their financial conditions. Here is a list of the Scholarships provided by Australian universities for bachelor’s Degree are:

Scholarships in Canada for Nepalese Students

There is no doubt that thousands of Nepalese Students are studying in Canada with Scholarships. Canadian universities are happy to give grants and scholarships to international students, especially those with strong academic scores. Here is a list of scholarships available for Canada.

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